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Use the form on this page to search publicly-accessible BaBar web pages (those not requiring the HyperNews password for access). To search both internal and public BaBar web pages use the internal BaBar web search form.

This search is performed by the Inktomi search engine—detailed help is available.

Other BaBar search tools are listed below.

Note: Search terms are stemmed.

Example: Beta matches Beta and BetaTools.

The Inktomi engine no longer searches Hypernews. Please use the HyperNews search engine instead.

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Search by InktomiOrganization, Detector, Computing and Physics search pages.

  • Search the BaBar Analysis Documents index.
  • Search for BaBar notes.
  • Search the offline workbook for information on how to run BaBar analyses.
  • Search the BFMAIL archives which is part of the PEP-II/BABAR Oracle Project Database;
  • Search for known software problems using Remedy.
  • Search HyperNews for the latest word on all things BaBar.
  • Search string in BaBar Software using srtglimpse
  • Search the BaBar glossary database.

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