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SLAC Director Emeritus Jonathan Dorfan (left) and David Hitlin of Caltech (right)
are two of the four recipients of the 2016 Panofsky Prize of the American Physical Society,
an annual award recognizing outstanding achievements in experimental particle physics.
(Photos: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University,
Bob Paz/California Institute of Technology)

Jonathan and David played crucial roles in bringing the dream of BABAR's
physics to reality. The driving goal was the study of CP violation in B decays and
comparison with expectation from the standard model. Achieving this was
textbook-successful. Both David and Jonathan worked tirelessly to secure the
required approvals and funding in the face of strong competition from other
proposals. As Project Director, Jonathan led the pioneering transition
of PEP to the unprecendented 1034 cm-2s-1 luminosity PEP-II B factory. In parallel,
David led the design and construction of the BABAR detector providing an excellent
technological match to the physics requirements, and served as spokesperson of
the nascent BABAR Collaboration. More than 15 years and 550 publications after
the first data, the producion of important physics results continues, a spectacular
success matched only by the standard model predictions that BABAR has confirmed.